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Dr. Charlie Dehylie

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Frontera Feedyard

Located on FM 1760, one mile west of Muleshoe, Texas, Frontera Feedyard has a capacity of 35,000 head.

Feeding Customers

Frontera Feedyard will meet your needs whether you do 100% retained ownership or want to partner with us on your cattle. If you partner 50/50 and the cattle make a profit, you will receive 70% of the total profit and Frontera will take 30%. We can also buy cattle for you to feed.

Financing and Risk Management

Should you need these services, we can assist you with our bankers and risk management team.


With 1,940 acres of land surrounding the feedyard, and half of that under sprinkler irrigation, we anticipate growing most of our roughage needs. We also do customer grazing on our land and other places in close proximity to Frontera Feedyard.